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Post by Nalden on Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:37 am

Sub-forum voor Mutant Chronicles Player Characters.

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Post by Aenion on Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:38 pm

Name: Gloria Drougan
Birth Faction: Imperial (1 Life Point)
Clan: Drougan (1 Life Point)
Status: 4
Earnings: 3 + 1 (Lover)
Education: Langfrey (1 Life Point)
Career 1: Corporate Worker (Gratis door education) – 4 years
Iconic Career: MAD Agent (1 Life Point – 1 succes gerold) – 3 Years
Career 2: Military (Reservist) (1 Life Point) – 2 years (1 Life Point)
Career 3: Military (Wolfbairn) (1 Life Point) – 2 Years

Age: 27
Earnings: 3 + 1 (Lover)
A small apartment in the centre of a Luna City
Jonathan's lavish apartment in the most exclusive complex in the most expensive part of the city.

Talents: Kinsman of Imperial, Charismatic (Education), Good Impression (Career 1), Stubborn (Iconic), Strong Arm Tactics (Iconic), Haggling (Career 2), Rigorous Training (Career 3), Graceful (Finishing)

Languages: Luna Patois, Imperial

Chronicle Points: 3

Attributes and Skills:

Agility 9
Stealth Exp 2, Focus 3
Close Combat Exp 1, Focus 3
Acrobatics Exp 1, Focus 1

Awareness 9
Insight Exp 1, Focus 1
Observation Exp 1, Focus 1

Coordination 9
*Ranged Weapons Exp 2, Focus 3
Pilot Exp 1

Intelligence 8
Education Exp 1, Focus 1
Linguistics Exp 1

Mental Strength 8
Willpower Exp 2, Focus 1

Personality 12
*Lifestyle Exp 1, Focus 3
Command Exp 1
*Persuade Exp 3, Focus 4

Physique 8
Resistance Exp 1, Focus 1

Strength 7
Athletics Exp 1, Focus 1

Bonus damage:
- Ranged: 1
- Melee: 0
- Influence: 4

- Head: 3
- Torso: 7
- Arms: 3
- Legs: 5
- Serious: 5
- Critical: 3
Mental: 8

Basic urban survival kit
Black notebook
Hand crank calculator

A modest wardrobe of respectable clothing
Good-quality smart business attire.
Fashionable suit
Fashionable quality corporate suit

12MM 'Negotiator' Heavy Pistol
Lyon & Atkinson PSA Mk. XIV ‘Aggressor’ handgun x 2
Lyon & Atkinson Mk. 43 ‘Intruder’ assault rifle
Sword cane
Punisher Short sword

Ballistic nylon military uniform
Pair of medium military shoulder pads
Mk. I Light Personal Protection Suit

12 (Personality)
1 (Birth Faction)
1 (Compensation serious disaster)
5 (Prodigy)
5 ‘liberated equipment’
= 24

Adolescent Event: 9 - Prodigy

Career events:
23 - Survived a serious disaster - +1 Favour, +1 Enemy, +1 Asset
22 - You foiled a Heretic (or criminal) plot on your own, or with some friends. Why didn’t you call in the Brotherhood (or Authorities)?
21 - Your lover is very wealthy and generous.
27 - Contact within a corporation

1 – Jim Grendel (Clan Bartholomew– Imperial) - Luna PD Officer
Jim Grendel:
Player Characters Simon-10
1 Gregory Smith (Capitol Corporate) - Universal Textiles
Gregory Smith:
Player Characters Don-dr10
1 – Liam Kingsfield (Clan Kingsfield - Imperial)
Liam Kingsfield:
Player Characters 60180_10
1 – Heretic/Criminal TBD

Vulnerable Lover: Jonathan Wilkins - CEO of Wilkins & Co, Luna branch
Jonathan Wilkins:
Player Characters St12_b10

Clan Drougan may not be the wealthiest clan of Imperial, but they have a proud martial tradition and they are famous for being the stokers of the best Whiskey in the solar system and beyond. A scion of one of the great clans, Gloria wanted for nothing while growing up in Luna City. The middle child of 5, 3 brothers and a sister, it was expected that she would study at Paxton or at least New Bristol like her elder siblings and parents. But instead the young Gloria dreamed more of boardrooms and business deals than military glories. Promising her parents a guaranteed return on investment she convinced them to let her enrol at Langfrey Business School instead where she continually scored the top of her class. One of her school investment projects was so successful that she got invited to participate in the new season of The Apprentice Junior, the ever popular reality show that Clan Paladine had ‘acquired’ from Capitol.

The pretty young woman quickly became a public favourite with her Drougan accent and her keen mind. Her project was turning a good profit, even outperforming candidates from the more prestigious University of Wexford.  That a Drougan college student from Langfrey could outclass the finest students of Wexford couldn’t stand of course, so slowly but surely as the end of the season neared Gloria found that her stocks were stagnating for no clear reason, at the same time the media began to turn against her and her popularity began to falter. Realizing what was happening she funnelled her profits into a secure account. As she expected the media jumped on it as that she had made a terrible mistake in her investments and her brief moment of fame and popularity was over. She returned to school still bitter over how the entertainment industry had manipulated and tanked her project. At least she had managed to secure her assets for later use before all was lost and she graduated Suma Cum Laude to boot.

When she graduated, she was expected to fulfil her military duty so she signed up for a tour with the reservists. Not the most prestigious military unit but she hoped it would help her make contacts and prepare for professional life. Also it was least likely to get yourself shot. All was going according to plan as the end of her tour neared until the incident happened.
Her squad was out on a routine training mission when their squad leader, Liam Kingsfield, once again failed to heed her warnings as the squad scout and led them into a live fire zone. All hell broke loose when the shells started to drop and fire rained down from the sky. Gloria shoved the nearest fellow recruit, Jim Grendel, into a ditch before diving in herself. When the smoke cleared there were only 3 survivors of the squad of 10. Gloria, Liam and Jim. The incident was covered up, Liam was dismissed quietly and Jim and Gloria had to sign a contract to keep the incident quiet in return for compensation. To this day she still suffers nightmares of fire and body parts and wakes with a scream caught in her throat.

Jim quit the army completely and joined Luna PD, while Gloria went out on a weeklong bender with some other Drougan recruits she had met at the base. When she finally sobered up she found herself waking up in the outrageously comfortable bed of Jonathan Wilkins, scion of Wilkins & Co and the recently appointed CEO of their new Luna City branch. The two have been a couple since and Jonathan spares no expense to dote on his girlfriend. This was the enjoyable part of sobering up, soon followed the true hangover though. Gloria discovered that somehow she had signed herself up for another military tour, this time as a Cub with the Wolfbairn. How she had even made the cut was beyond her. She resigned herself to another two years of milrats and drills, but this time all exercises including live fire and there were no comfy barracks to return to every night.

When her two year tour was up, she was also glad to return to normal civilian life. It was high time she again got back to doing what she was born to do. Gloria put her assets and connections to use, the media attention on her brief celebrity had simmered down by now. It didn’t take her long to find a good position at a subsidiary of Drougan that worked closely with Wilkins & Co, specialized in ballistic nylon fashion. She developed close contacts with a representative of Universal Textiles and closed a lucrative contract, that would benefit Drougan and Wilkins enormously, and even better severely damaged the interests of a certain winner of a certain season of The Apprentice Junior.

In the meantime MAD had kept its eye on this young upstart since, accountants with Wolfbairn training are not that common. Beside she seemed naturally apply MAD tactics to her dealings. After four years Gloria was contacted by a recruiter from MAD and she readily signed on. Her first case proved to be bigger than anyone expected. She had been investigating seemingly innocent transactions that appeared to make little sense, until she finally had a breakthrough. She was able to link all the transactions to a small group of people and uncovered a terrorist cell that was plotting a major attack in Luna City. Rather than reporting it she instead dug deeper until she had exposed all their assets and identified all members and their weaknesses. She proceeded to liquidate and reallocate those assets where possible, and converted the weak links in the group to work for her instead. Soon the group fell into disarray as they attempted to root out the traitor in their midst. When the group was sufficiently isolated she donned her Wolfbairn armour and checked her weapons. By the end of the night all members of the cell were eliminated or arrested, unfortunately the leader had managed to escape.

Player Characters 02a8f410

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Player Characters Empty Re: Player Characters

Post by Ciary on Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:52 pm

Name: Rimer Penny
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Faction: Capitol
Environment: Transmartian railroad outpost
Status: Working poor
Education: Rural Education
Career 1: Farmer/Frontiersman - 4 years
Career 2: K-9 Handler (Iconic) - 7 years
Career 3: Medical, First Responder - 2 years
Career 4: Police, Beat cop - 4 years

- Born in some outpost on Mars
- Family was poor. Dad had a gambling issue.
- Rimer went to work at a young age in a bakery, while simultaneously going to school.
- (Idea: Rimers dad dies? Because of the illegal things done in the next point?)
- The job was so bad that they were apparently doing illegal things with the food. They claimed nescience and blamed the employee directly responsible. Being Rimer.
- Rimers family, who were already poor, had to pay a ton of money for lawyers to get the guilt off of him and back to the business owners who had instructed him.
- (if not for the previous death: the father is murdered at this point on the farm he works on)
- Rimer, who was previously also helping out at the farm their parents worked at (Career 1), had to look for another better paying job to support his mother. Goons start threatening them.
- He finds a job (Career 3) as a first responder and learns some medical skills
- He saves a very important persons life. While they think nothing of it, the media loves this heroic medic.
- The goons see the news and find and visit the hiding place. first to threaten the mother, then to actualize on the threats
- Rimer escapes to Luna and finds a new job as dog handler at Capitol Security Services (CSS). he does this for a very long time. Although he hates how the dogs are treated.
- Meanwhile the goons keep inching closer
- Rimer doesn't trust his current location anymore. He leaves his job and joins the safest place he can think of. Luna PD. being an officer and being surrounded by officers makes you safer from gambling debt goons
- He is still in contact with a friend in CSS that triples as his roommate, partner and collegue during his time at CSS
- Right now this contact is just roommate and partner

Player Characters D8qe9og-7e8ce9a8-d2e1-41b3-9d97-171d590f40f0

Name: Rimer Penny
Sex: Male

(LP) Faction: Corporation - Capitol
Social status: Working Poor (4)
Earnings Rating: 2
Lodgings: An office to collect you thoughts in (rent on a small office is paid for the next two months)/a cramped room in an overcrowded boarding house
Languages: Capitol, Luna Patois
Environment: Sequested - mars - the trans martian railroad outpost
(LP) Education: Rural Education
Age: 33
Fame: 1
Chronicle points: 2

Agility: 8
- Acrobatics E:0,F:0
- Close Combat E:1,F:0
- Unarmed Combat: E:1,F:1
Awareness: 8
- Observation: E:1,F:0
Coordination: 8
- (S) Ranged Weapons: E:3,F:2
- Pilot: E:1,F:0
Intelligence: 7
- Survival: E:3,F:2
- Education: E:1,F:0
- Mechanics: E:1,F:0
- Treatment: E:2,F:0
- Medicine: E:1,F:0
- Psychotherapy E:1,F:0
Mental Strength: 7
- Willpower: E:1,F:1
Personality: 8
- Persuade: E:2,F:0
- (S) Animal Handling: E:3,F:3
Physique: 10
- Resistance E:1,F:1
Strength: 8
- (S) Athletics E:4,F:3

- (Free) Farmer - 4 years
- (LP) K-9 Handler - 7 years
- (LP) Medical (First Responder) - 2 years
- (LP) Police (Beat cop) - 4 years

Points Buy Differences:
(LP) Status: Working Class
Earnings: 2
Lodgings: An office to collect you thoughts in (rent on a small office is paid for the next two months)/A small apartment of dubious quality in a quiet part of town.

Fame: 1

Agility 5 + 4 = 9
- Close Combat 2/0
- Unarmed 1/1
Awareness 5 + 4 = 9
- Observation 1/0
(LP) Coordination 6 + 2 = 8
- (S) Ranged 3/2
- Pilot 1/0
Intelligence 5 + 2 = 7
- Education 1/0
- Mechanics 1/0
- Survival 2/2
- Treatment 2/0
Medicine 1/0
Psychotherapy 1/0
(LP) Mental 6 + 2 = 8
- Willpower 1/1
(LP) Personality 6 + 2 = 8
- Persuase 2/0
- (S) Animal Handling 3/3
Physique 5 + 5 = 10
- Resistance 2/1
Strength 5 + 3 = 8
- (S) Athletics 4/3

- Farmer
- (3xLP) K-9 Handler
- (2xLP) Medical (First Responder)
- (LP) Police (Beat Cop)

Assets: 8+2=10

- Discount card for a local comedy club
- Supersonic whistle
- Basic regional survival kit
- Colonists’ regional survival kit
- Hospital class medkit

- M50 assault rifle
- riot shield
- Handgun: M13 Bolter
- Decent smart clothing with a hat, a faded coat, and a modest wardrobe of casual clothing.
- Police uniform
- Ballistic Nylon Medical Uniform
- Heavy civilian shoulder pads
- Mk 1 Tortoise armour

(Other 2 LP, Education and Faction. Unchanged from original)

Bonus damage:
- Ranged: 0
- Melee: 0
- Influence: 0

- Head: 3
- Torso: 8
- Arms: 4
- Legs: 6
- Serious: 6
- Critical: 4
Mental: 7

- faction: Shareholder of Capitol
Possession of shotguns and handguns is legal. other weapons require permit
- Resistance: Hardy
Reroll any die that did not generate a success when making a Resistance test but accept the new result
- Animal Handling: Empathic
add 1 extra d20 if an Animal Handling test has at least 1 success
- Animal Handling: Recognize Cues
Substitute Animal Handling for Observation when accompanied by one or more animals
- Animal Handling: Firm Command
When controlling animals, any DSP used on Animal Handling to add dice adds 2D20 instead of 1
- Animal Handling: Smell Right
When encountering a new animal, roll Animal Handling (Average D1). On success, the animal will consider you a friend (and does not alert anyone)
- Treatment: First Responder
May reroll 1D20 when making a Treatment test. Accept the new result
- Athletics: Rigorous Training
Add 1 success to any athletics test that generates at least 1 success

- Spendthrift: Reduce Earnings Rating by 1

- Mars train rail ticket
- Supersonic whistle
- Basic regional survival kit
- Colonists’ regional survival kit
- Hospital class medkit

- M50 assault rifle
- riot shield
- Handgun: M13 Bolter
- Rugged, but worn work clothes, such as greasy overalls, plus a basic wardrobe of casual clothing.
- Ballistic Nylon Medical Uniform
- Police uniform
- Heavy civilian shoulder pads
- Mk 1 Tortoise armour

Assets: 9
Depts: 14 (assets)

- (environment) Mars - the trans martian railroad outpost
- (career: Farmer) Gambling Debts: You owe a considerable amount of money to one or more of the big gambling bosses up in Overton, and his goons are catching up to you, looking for repayment of your debts.
- (career: Medical) Caught: You have been arrested and charged with criminal activity (Won: dept 4, -1 earning)
- (adolescent) Impoverished: Your family has fallen upon hard times
- (career: K-9 Handler) Your Fifteen Minutes Of Fame: Somehow, you have come to the attention of the media machine, and it has decided that you are worthy of attention and praise.
- (career: Police) Security Service Contacts: You have contacts within the CSS and aqcuired security clearance
- (faction) An office to collect you thoughts in (rent on a small office is paid for the next two months)

- Gambling boss
- Syca Jurian: Boyfriend, Roommate, CSS Ally
Player Characters 11ca0402c5acced0884df48ff1bbdf1d
- Junko: K9 guard dog
- Reisen: K9 guard dog

- 30 -> 8 Strength (3) No effect
- 33 -> 4 Agility (3) No effect

K-9 Scores
- Strength: 11
- Physique: 8
- Agility: 9
- Awareness: 10
- Coordination: 4
- Intelligence: 4
- Mental Strength: 7
- Personality: 6

- Combat: E:2,F:1
- Fortitude: E:1,F:0
- Movement: E:1,F:1
- Senses: E:2,F:2
- Social: E:1,F:0

Soak: 2 Armor
Attack: 1+5D, Armour Piercing 1, Vicious 1

- Grasping
- Companion animal:
The owner can direct the dogs to make awareness based test and melee attacks for them.
- Muscle contracting drug:
When attacking with a dogs bite, the owner can trigger an autoinjector. the dogs attack increases to 1+8D, Armor piercing 2, Viscious 2. however, the dog immediately takes 1+5D, Toxic 3 damage.

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Post by Stigandr on Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:22 pm

Name: Nikita Raskova
Age: 29
Faction: Whitestar
Languages: Russomandarin, Luna Patois
Assets: 8

Agility 7
Acrobatics 1/0
Close Combat 2/0
- Unarmed combat
Stealth 1/1
Awareness 10
Observation 2/2
- Insight
Thievery 1/0
Coordination 10
Ranged Weapons 3/3 (signature skill)
Heavy Weapons
- Gunnery
Pilot 5/3 (signature skill)
- Space 3/1
Intelligence 11
Education 1/1
- Linguistics
- Science 1/0
Mechanics 3/3
Survival 3/2 (signature skill)
- Vacuum 1/0
- Medicine
- Psychotherapy
Mental 7
- Mysticism
Personality 5
Animal handling
Lifestyle 1/1
- Command
Physique 8
Resistance 2/1
Strength 8
Athletics 1/1

Base: citizin, Comrade of the Whitestar
Education: Ace
Primary career: natural engineer
Second career: scout
Third career: Sharp senses
Iconic Career: Snap Diagnosis, Astronaut
Customisation: Push the envelope

Faction event: 2, gain an asset
Status: Employed underclass
Earnings rating: 3+1
Item of interest: pocket knife (slicer)
Apparel: Basic, patched and mended second-hand
Rented lodgings: a single room with no view in an overcrowded boarding house
Environment: Heritage World: Siberia
Education: technical pre-career training
Adolescent event: 14: taken from my home: Lost Family (decrease social status)
Primary career: Ship crew, (20, fired)  
Second career: criminal (21, wealthy lover), vulnerable lover trait
Third career: Razvedchik (gatherer), (30, trait: Valiant) + 2 assets + Federation Commendation
Iconic career: Night Witch, (13, trait: under surveillance)
Equipment: electro-jolt, vacuum suit, B&E kit, Iron Hand autopistol, survival kit, binoculars, Pioneer’s Saw-Back

Nikita was born in the bunkers of Siberia in a family of hard-working labourers.  One night, alarms went off.  Shots were fired and Nikita was taken from her bed by unknown hands.  The next day she learned that Mutants attacked the bunkers and amongst the dead was her entire family.  A defender only managed to save her.  She was adopted by the Tsarina and sent to a technical school so she could serve the Federation as a mechanic.
After graduation, she joined a ship's crew and traveled the system for a couple of years.  But the captain had some debts and he had to fire the entire crew when the debt collectors found him on Luna.  Without any meanings, Nikita joined a street gang and trafficed drugs in the slums and back alleys of Luna City.  The leader of the gang, Dominik Tranell, fell in love with her.  She gained some status among the gang and soon she was well known by Luna PD, although they never could accuse her of any crime.  But things heated up and Dominik feared for her life on Luna.  He made some arrangements and sent her back to Siberia.  When the heat was over, she could return to Luna.
Back in Siberia work was scarce.  Nikita had no other choice then to becoma a Razvedchick and gathering supplies in the wasteland.  One day, returning from the wasteland, she spotted some mutants sneaking towards the stronghold.  She quickly raised the alarm and helped kill all mutant attackers.  For this she was rewarded by the local governer.  He read her file and offered her as a reward a position with the Night Witches, but because of her past, she would stay under close surveillance and she was forbidden to have contact with Dominik.

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