Priya, Vendhyan Thief

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Priya, Vendhyan Thief Empty Priya, Vendhyan Thief

Post by Stigandr on Sun May 27, 2018 12:20 pm

Ik heb eens een poging gedaan om een character te maken.
Feel free to comment:

Homeland: Vendhya
Caste: Outcast
Archetype: Master thief
Nature: Sneaky
Education: Burglar
Story: The Charity of Pompous Priests
Trait: Thief!
War Story: Dispossessed
Languages: Vendhyan, Aquilonian
Talents: Thief, living shadow, nimble as a cat, agile, Embittered, Survivor
Vigor: 8
Resolve: 8

Agility: 12
Acrobatics 16/Focus 4 (rechtzetting wordt 15/Focus 3)
Melee 16/Focus 4 (rechtzetting wordt 14/Focus 2)
Stealth 16/Focus 4 (rechtzetting wordt 15/Focus 3)

Awareness 10
Insight 10/Focus 0
Observation 12/Focus 2
Survival 12/Focus 2
Thievery 15/Focus 5

Brawn 7
Athletics 9/Focus 2
Resistance /Focus 1

Coordination 9
Parry 12/Focus 3 (rechtzetting wordt 10/Focus 1)
Ranged Weapons 9/Focus 0
Sailing 9/Focus 0

Intelligence 9
Alchemy 9/Focus 0
Craft 9/Focus 0
Healing 9/Focus 0
Linguistics 9/Focus 0
Lore 9/Focus 0
Warfare 9/Focus 0

Personality 8
Animal Handling 8/Focus 0
Command 9/Focus 1
Counsel 8/Focus 0
Persuasion 9/Focus 1
Society 8/Focus 0

Willpower 8
Discipline 9/Focus 1
Sorcery 8/Focus 0

Small but heavy sword, 9 gold, Zhaibar knife, padded jerkin, thieves kit, unique thief equipment, plain travelling clothes, lockpics, pry bar, a ring made of semiprecious stone, simple undyed cloth worn in Vendhyan fashion
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