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18 BBY Events Empty 18 BBY Events

Post by Nalden on Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:19 pm

  • The Ghorman Massacre occurred.

  • Jedi Master Plett turned his fortress in Plawal on Belsavis into a sanctuary for fugitives from Palpatine's Jedi purges.

  • Emperor Palpatine constructed the Eye of Palpatine.

  • Callista Ming transferred her spirit to the Eye of Palpatine's computer system.

  • Han Solo met his cousin Thrackan Sal-Solo, who sold him back to Garris Shrike.

  • As an aftermath of Operation: Knightfall, stormtroopers were sent to Theed. Queen Apailana and her Jedi protectors were killed by the 501st Legion. Naboo was placed under military rule. The 501st Legion is later known as Vader`s Fist.

  • Kylantha succeeded the late Apailana as Queen of Naboo.

  • Darth Vader defeated all of the Sa Cuis clones and defeated the rebellious Dark Jedi Sheyvan in a lightsaber duel.

  • The Empire cleaned pirates out of Copperline.

  • BIX and Gee Long win the Drainsweeper relay race event at the Roon Colonial Games.

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