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Post by DennisG on Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:50 pm

Our hero's were caught in a crossfire between the corporate sector authority and local pirate rebels.
Their small freither got hit in the process and they needed to make an emergency landing on planet XVI-12.
Our brave pilot Layla tried to control the ship but noticed that the engine caught fire, quickly she responds with emergency extinguishers to hold the fire off for a while but doing so made the ship go vertically into the upper atmosphere of the planet. Panicked with the sight of the ground getting closer Layla freezes. Ad Razza bravely kept his head cool and took control of the copilot seat. Just in time he gets the ship horizontally close above the river. In a glimps of the surroundings they noticed a city in the distance. Quickly they landed the spacecraft and a red emergency light was flickering while a deafening alarm sounded. Looking at the control panel they noticed that the engine caught fire again. Navia and Layla quickly got off the ship while Ad Razza bravely tried to enter codes to save the freither. Accidently pushing the wrong buttons the ship ejects his engine fluids. Navia and Layla quickly responded with action. Layla ran towards Ad Razza to try and warn him of the inevitable danger he was in while Navia used her telepathy force to contact Ad Razza.

Escaping the freither in a moments notice while jumping trough the ship explodes blasting ad Razza and Layla away from the danger. The spaceship was gone and beyond repair so as it looked. Shortly after the event they noticed a hovering transport closing in m 4 guards and a pilot where on it asking what happened and if they are okay. Navia managed to persuade the guards to give them a lift to the city. At the gates more guards stood ready to intercept the visitors. "Halt, we have a strict policy if it comes to weapons. All weapons needs to be secured and locked and kept out of sight in all cases. Not doing so results in our intervention". Agreeing with their terms the group ventured on while Navia managed to get directions from the pilot who was clearly floating on clouds and not minding his surroundings. They came up at a fancy meeting place aka a fancy restaurant where the were welcomed by servants who were over dressed in decent suits. Insinuating the group to get them selves cleaned before entering the group went inside while Layla tried to get her quarter staff inside. The servant asked her staff to be deposited at the vestiare, convinced of her powers in the force she tried to alter his mind which didn't worked. The servant called for guards. With a grumpy mood Layla gave her staff to the servant. Once inside a friendly waitress escorted the group to a table for three and brought some drinks. Looking around the restaurant was overly dressed with nice draping of high quality and the furniture was equally looking.

One hour later a droid walks towards there table: hello my name is H3PO I'm looking for a particular individual who can help my master at a pressing matter. Wondering if the droid got it all wrong the group decided to listen what he wanted.

"I am H3PO, a loyal servant of Popara the hutt, may his hide ever be moist and supple. The august Popara desires a meeting to discuss a matter both of great urgency and extreme delicacy. Mighty Popara requests you to attend an audience with him. Generous Popara is willing to compensate you well for both your time and attention".

The heroes consulted each other for a while and called the droid back to them. They agreed on meeting the mighty and generous Popara on the condition they get a lift to the location and that the bill of their night in the restaurant gets payed by his hutt master...

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